Cone Valve Splitter RC Sampling System

RC sampling system suitable for compressors up to 3,000 CFM / 750 PSI. Unique adjustable split, cone valve splitter design for superior sample presentation and increased interval holding capacity with no height increase to sampling system.

Specifications & Features:

  • Utilises a unique cone splitter design that employs the splitting cone also as a cone valve. This provides superior sample presentation over the splitting cone & sample blades.
  • Designed for dry Sampling conditions (exploration & grade control).
  • Suitable for air compressors up to 3,000 CFM / 750 PSI (1415 LPS / 50 BAR).
  • Drop box holding capacity: 50 Litres (2m intervals).
  • Sampling system height / mass: 3.4m / 692kg.
  • Alumina ceramic lined cyclone & inlet (unique bolt-in tile system for easy maintenance).
  • Bolt-in quenched & tempered steel wear plate to cyclone lid.
  • Durable Linatex® rubber lined cyclone cone & top box (cyclone sealing) trap doors.
  • Unique self-adjusting top box doors – Will self-adjust for wear & maintain sealing.
  • Adjustable split sizes to cone valve splitter (4%, 6%, 8% & 10% as standard, other sizes are available upon request).
  • Pneumatic actuation to top box doors, cone valve & the vibrator, which is standard fitment.
  • Hydraulic actuation to cyclone lid & splitter swing-up for easy inspection & cleaning.